About us

We are a new design studio combined of talent, ambition, knowledge and experience. Our crew boasts some well-known names in the Russian design industry, and we are doing fine.

We seem to make everything other studios can too, but we exceed them in the range of possible tasks and the special quality of our work, with a valuable background of education and practice that stems our practice. Apart from logos, packaging, websites and any graphic and printed design in general we also make adverts, invent new brand names and identities, develop concepts and strategies, build strong communications. In our work we always try to escape mediocrity and add a hearty touch to every our creation.

And we are very sensitive about the last one.

We stand out by our own vision and philosophy that makes our approach efficient and profitable. Out philosophy is better described in the annotation lines for our own business-cards.

Many of our clients have got no clue of what they are about to get in the end. But one thing they all have in common is the yearning (though sometimes well-hidden) for having something clever and unique with a strong idea behind it.

That's exactly what they come for to F26.