Dental Fantasy logotype and identity

Alexander Zhelezny, Vladimir Zotov, Oleg Paschenko • 2012.02

Dental Fantasy is an exceptional — for Moscow standards — chain of dental clinics, specializing in infantile dentistry and providing a very careful and totally stressless treatment. Dental Fantasy also treats adults, especially those who tend to be reluctant to dentistry. For obtaining the best quality of their job, DF's personnel uses the most up-to-date materials and equipment, and special psychological techniques to relieve their little patients' potential stress. For professional development of the clinic's staff regular worldwide business trips are put into practice for trainings and participation in the industry's forums, conferences and exhibitions.

In Dental Fantasy case we had to completely reinvent the company's logo and styles to obtain a brand new identity. To fit to company's policy and values — i. e. 'the most stressless and high-quality dentistry for kids and dentist-sensitive adults in whole Russia' we have come up with the concept of a magic fairy-tale dental world, inhabited by friendly creatures — a world without fear or pain.

The only element inherited from the old DF logo was the toothbrush, which has been transformed into a landscape, with silky grass as bristles with a toothpaste cloud on top of it. The main DF character has become the Tooth Fairy, seated in the realm of her wonderful world. The butterflies add some space and ambience to the whole story. And the meaning remains clear: at Dental Fantasy a dentist is not a torturer nor a monster, and tooth problems can be treated surprisingly painlessly and fantastically peacefully.

The logo

Here she is, our beauty. She works for the clinics interiors, POS's etc.

The Tooth Fairy

Another example from Dental Fantasy brandbook. This little stand-up card is used for receptions at clinics and exhibitions.

This is a new Dental Fantasy file folder. Pay attention to the Fairy's little helpers, the Winged Teeth. They also serve as a part on new DF identity to enhance the magic Dental Fantasy world:

The blue envelope of good hope:

Business cards for different clinics bear different colours.