F26 Business cards

Maxim Degtyaryov, Vladimir Zotov, Oleg Paschenko • 2011.06

F26 introduces a new philosophy to the world of design - the concept primitively described as a 'human machine'. This philosophy derives from our vision of the world of modern communications as a gradual integration between the man-made and God-created matter.

As we believe, this process takes place nowadays and leads us to a new stage of our social existence.

We regard this merge as evolutional response to the global spread of digital communications. This newly discovered reality is depicted in homunculus and its body parts images, with their special meanings behind them. Printed on the back side of the set, the imagery forms a puzzle that has to be torn apart along its perforated lines for distribution of the cards. The front page of the list contains a total of 16 business cards, placed in 4 rows of 4 items.

This set of F26 business cards represents the Studio's values: linearity, integrity and superhumanness. Printed black pantone silkscreen on Gmund Color System 300 g/m paper, it's impact is based on the simplicity and expressive nature of graphic art.

Following the guideline for this production, every member of our team has developed a very personal quotation that would substitute the ordinary position name, making every card's message more vague, transcendent and unique at the same time.