Oleg Paschenko • 2012.07 → is a freshly opened media website dedicated to cultural and social issues with hundreds of thousands visits per day. The project was launched by the most respected and popular Russian team of editors, who has built their reputation during 4 years of work for the, the main Russian media portal about cultural and social events of the vastest range. After the split with the previous owner the editorial staff decided to stay together to carry on on a new level, and so has been born.

'Colta' is Italian for 'harvest time' and for 'educated'. The new site's visual was quickly developed by Oleg Paschenko personally in just 3 days. As you can see below, it's user-friendly, laconic, stylish and trendy. The programming and coding part was fulfilled by Valery Komyagin Studio. The portal runs on Wordpress engine.

The main page. The news are on left, the advertising and other 'noise' is on the right.
The article page example. It's so convenient to read!
The most beautiful and colourful page.