Harvard Club of Russia

Henry Asaturov, Anton Bassistov, Helen Dernova, Alexander Zhelezny, Roost Kulmatov • 2012.02 → http://harvard.ru

Harvard Club of Russia (HCR) is the club for Harvard University alumni, consisting of a vast number of successful and powerful people in Russian business, marketing, finances, politics and public life. After more than 10 years of the Club's existence the need for a good-looking, respectable and functional website has emerged.

Thus, at the request of HCR management board we have developed what you can see at http://harvard.ru — handy menus, expandable pages, activities schedules, report pages, personal account pages and feedback options for Club's members. On this website, every single pixel is made by F26 (including photography), except for the copy, which was written by Club's Board members, people with good reasons and fluent English.

As a result, the traffic and the number of new HCR members doubled in comparison with the previous year (2011). Also the amounts of donations and sponsorships to HCR have increased significantly. It can only mean that the audience is quite favorable to this production, and that is one of the reasons why we offer this website's template for other national Harvard Clubs around the whole world.

Take a a couple of clicks through it or check it in your smartphone, tab or pad to experience why we assume this one to be one of the most appropriate solutions for an exclusive Club of any kind.