Incognito Website

Alya Gafarova, Helen Dernova, Alexander Zhelezny, Roost Kulmatov, n0mini, Anatoly Nurabaev, Oleg Paschenko • 2012.10 →

After having Incognito brand name and logo created and approved, we have continued with the Incognito website that tells the world the story of Incognito services in a sweeping manner of a a film noir.

As we have already reported, Incognito is in charge of private visits to Russia for Western cinema stars and other tough VIP's, who love some wealth and stealth in their travel.

The cinematic language that we have chosen derives from Incognito origins (the company grew up by managing Hollywood stars’ daily routine on their trips to Moscow by invitations from NBC Universal and 20th Century Fox). This visual approach let us enhance the atmosphere of an old black-and-white 'motion picture' by counterpoising disarranged Moscow street views against the secret world of special VIP treatment usually disguised from an outsider.

Denny DeVito shooting his troll foot in Moscow.

You will run across a lot of American movie stars popping up all around the website. And we must emphasize that all of them have already confessed that their hearts had been forever won over by our mysterious and infinitely hospitable country (thanks to Incognito!).

It must be the first place on the Russian web where you will see so many cameos of real Hollywood celebrities. Imagine your mouse to be a film projector and scroll the page down to watch the story till its happy end.

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